The 2 Best Shows on TV have NEW Episodes this Weekend


Written on 1:57 PM by Jack B.

And by the best shows I mean:

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA on the Sci-Fi Channel at 10pm EST tonight


FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST on The Cartoon Network at 12am EST on Sunday

If you know these shows, I don't need to say any more but if you don't - WATCH THEM. If you can't, buy the DVDs. It's worth the money. One (Battlestar Galactica) is a remake of show from 25 years ago than in LESS than two seasons is already as good as the original Star Trek or Babylon 5 or any other sci-fi show. It's probably the best written show on TV right now.

The other (Fullmetal Alchemist) is probably the greatest anime (Japanese animation) TV show ever created and centers around 2 teenage brothers in an world where alchemy is a science and there are some lines you can never cross (like trying to bring your dead mother back to life). The series only has a run of 51 (of which just over 30 have been shown in the US) half-hour episodes total, but I dare anyone who can name an American TV series on any of the big networks that deal with so many issues - family, love, death, war, science, religion, redemption, good and evil, the meaning of having a soul, the meaning of taking a life, the meaning of accepting death, the meaning of NOT accepting fate and more. Not bad for a cartoon, huh?

Don't take my word on it though - watch them both.

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