These People Do NOT Look Like Me...


Written on 7:38 PM by Jack B.

Or at least I don't think they do...
Both Carmel at Winterr's words and Jonathan at Ancient and Future Catholic Musings have posted about a site called MyHeritage where you can upload a photo of yourself (or someone else) and see who the closest celebrity look-alike is (and not just recent celebrities either). It's actually very interesting and a great way to waste time - mostly because you get different results depending on different pictures of yourself. For instance I uploaded three separate recent pictures of myself (all taken in the same time span) and got the following results...
The results of Picture 1 of me said that I most looked like the 19th Century figure Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin, an anthropologist and a eugenicist (yikes!)
The results of Picture 2 of me said I looked most like actor Nicholas Cage
The results of Picture 3 of me said I looked most like this picture of a young St.Therese of Lisieux (which is flattering but slightly creepy)
Now I can't look like all three can I? Unless of course anyone thinks there's a certain resemblance between all these faces. Personally I don't see it. maybe it's all in the shape of the head? Or the eyebrows?

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