My Soon-to-Be Nephew/Niece at 11 Weeks


Written on 6:11 PM by Jack B.

My sister thinks it looks like a boy but I'm not sure (they don't know what it is yet). They're getting really crazy with names. I suggested they name it after me but they just ignored me. :(

Right now we call him/her "Dyson" because that's the name my brother-in-law wants (whether it be a girl or boy). Both my sister and her husband love going to Atlantic City and they got married in Las Vegas, so if they named the kid "Dyson", the child's nickname will be "Dice". Have you heard anything so insane? They name the poor boy/girl that and he/she will get their butt kicked in school every day.

Other options they're thinking about is giving the baby a name whose initials will come out to be M.G.M. - to mark the hotel they were staying in Vegas when they got married (the MGM Grand). That too sounds insane - but no one listens to me.

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