One Good Turn Deserves Another


Written on 9:31 PM by Jack B.

Carmel at Winterr's words introduced me to this talented artist named Julian Beever and his three-dimensional pavement drawings. He's very good. I'd love to see some of that art in person.

So I thought I'd introduce one of my favorite artistic "discoveries" (to those who don't know her at least), Linda Joyce Franks. She doesn't like people posting her art on websites without her permission (perfectly understandable - she worked hard to create the art to make a living) so I recommend following this link to her website:

Linda Joyce Franks

I advise to take a look around. I'm also adding the tag to my links on the right. She's pretty incredible. If I get a little extra cash in the upcoming months I really want to buy her "Angelique" print. It's much better than the Garfield posters I use to hang on the walls.

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