The Pot calling the Kettle "Black"


Written on 5:38 PM by Jack B.

From CWN, Italian paper slammed for promoting Inquisition "black legend" :

Italian journalist Vittorio Messori responded this week to an article inthe Communist daily Il Manifesto that portrays as truthful the "black legend" about the Inquisition that hundreds of thousands or even millions were killed by
the Church.

In a column translated from Italian by the Spanish daily La Razon , Messori maintains that "the imprudence-- or shamelessness-- of these ideologies never ceases to amaze me. A publicist named Adriano Petta published an article called 'The Skeletons of the Holy Inquisition.' Deja vu, of course. We're talking about two and half centuries ago."

According to Messori, the article "would not be worth reading were it not for the fact that it was published in Il Manifesto , one of the two or three newspapers in the entire Western world that still carries the title 'Communist daily' on the front page."Messori noted that many other historical publications have been more precisein their accounts. "Just one year of the French Revolution, the reign of terror of 1793, left more victims than all of the centuries of all the inquisitions combined (the Protestants, in fact, did not fool around: the Geneva of Calvin was lit up by the bonfires, Lutheran Germany engaged in witch hunts as if they were a national sport; the last massacre encouraged by the Puritan pastors of Salem, Massachusetts, came at the threshold of 1800.)"

Messori noted as well that the number of victims of the Communist regimes of the last century reached the hundreds of millions, all in the name of stamping out "deviations" from political "orthodoxy." "It's difficult, therefore, to take seriously the preaching that issues forth from certain pulpits," Messori said.

The noted Italian journalist pointed out that an analysis of the modern historical data on the Inquisition, including information from the Vatican archives opened underthen-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, would be of very much benefit to the Church."Many pillars of the Black Legend would fall," revealing a process characterizedby an accuracy and a fairness "unheard of in the civil courts of that time.""Death sentences and torture were the exception," Messori explains, noting
that the typical images people have of the Inquisition were based on Protestant propaganda aimed at undermining Spain's dominance in the Atlantic.

For the Communists, the largest group of mass murderers in the last century, with the blood of millions on their hands wherever they assumed power to dig up the largely refuted by Henry Kamen and Edward Peters (among other), "Black Legend" of the Inquisition of centuries ago is hypocrisy at its highest. If more people read The Black Book of Communism, detailing all the murders of the Communist regimes of the 20th Century, the Communists wouldn't dare to spread untruths about others.

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