This may NOT be Good News


Written on 1:22 AM by Jack B.

Apparently both ABC and CBS are doing projects based on the life of Pope John Paul II. The CBS one is going to be done by the same people who did the recent Jesus movie BUT the ABC version is being scripted by Michael Hirst who is responsible for the 1998 film Elizabeth starring Cate Blanchett (who I love but not in this), a film that is one of the most anti-catholic movies in modern memory in which all the Catholics are evil and traitorous and the mass killing of them by Elizabeth I's agents Godfather-style is something to audience is supposed to be cheering. Here's a link to what I mean: Elizabeth: Where's The Soul - Christianity - 11/09/98...and now this Hirst guy is going to be now writing a film on the life of John Paul II? Who's he going to use as a reference? John Cornwell? Garry Wills? Something tells me the CBS one is going to be much better.

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