The Yankees Have Officially Become Unwatchable


Written on 12:33 AM by Jack B.

After last night's 5-4 loss in extra innings there's truly nothing more to be said. Anything Boss George Steinbrenner does to this team (release players, fire coaches, fire Cashman, tear apart the team, etc.) is well deserved at this point. If they were the Pirates or the Brewers I could understand a .500 team but when you're a $200 million dollar team with several all-stars in both the offense and pitching, this is unacceptable.

And what's worse they're losing badly...and sloppily. This is supposed to be the major leagues, this is supposed to be Yankees baseball, not the Bad News Bears. When the error occurred in the 8th that let Baltimore tie the game off Gordon I just turned off the TV - I knew it would be the Orioles who end up winning the game. Five years ago, it would have been the Yankees who would have bounced back - but those days are gone. It's time to clean the decks and cut some of the dead weight (which means starting with every reliever except Mariano and every starter except Mussina).

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