The Eugenics Wars and the Pope


Written on 10:54 PM by Jack B.

Via Amy Welborn's Open Book is this Dallas Morning News article by Christine Rosen (registeration required - use Bug Me Not) about "an eerie similarity to their rhetoric and tactics" between the pro-embryonic stem cell movement and the eugenics movement.

The Eugenics movment has always interested me since I did a paper in an anthropology class on the population control movement and was stunned to find out many of the racist and bigoted origin of the movement which ultimately culminated in the Nazi horrors. At that point the eugenics advocates stopped calling themselves and just referred to themselves as "population control" advocates. Underneath though they remained the same bunch of rich WASPs whose goal was to eliminate from the earth as many dark-skinned non-Protestant people as possible. To this day such white American billionaires such as Warren Buffett, Ted Turner and Bill Gates are among the greatest benefactors of "population control" in the 3rd World (i.e. Africa, Asia and Latin America) and such largely white American foundations such as The Ford Foundation and The Packard Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation continue to give grants to organizations determined to have "population control" and "reproductive freedom" throughout the world. And one of the most-die hard eugenists was Margaret Sanger, one of the founders of Planned Parenthood which continues her "work" to it's day. While Dawn Eden at The Dawn Patrol has been viligant in exposing some of Planned Parenthood's more modern excesses, the roots of what made that multi-billion dollar (and government funded) organization what it is today can be traced back to the eugenics movement (though of course they deny it).

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