Who's Going To Be the Next Pope? ... A Few Guesses


Written on 2:03 PM by Jack B.

There's already a lot of talk on the MSM about who the next pope will be and what's going on in the conclave (not to mention the actual betting that's been going on even before the pope died) but there's 2 things you can count on:

  • Outside of a few names (Ratzinger, Sodano, Arinze) the media have no clue who most of the cardinals are. That's why they're basically putting out names of those who have been mooted before - i.e. Ratzinger, Hummes of Brazil, Danneels of Belgium (the last 2 because they're seen as "progressive"), Scola of Venice, Tettamanzi of Milan (the last 2 because they're Italian), Schonborn of Vienna(the media love aristocrats), Arinze (mostly because he's black - as if that's a novelty - as if the Papacy hasn't been held by Africans before - as is their aren't other African cardinals - the media is so stupid sometimes) and of course Rodriquez of Honduras and Carrerra of Mexico (who are being pushed by the Latin media - just watch Univision and see). That's a small section of names among 117 (possibly 118).
  • The Cardinals, on the other hand, DO know most of the other cardinals. In this age of mass communicationa and mass travel they certainly can see or read about their fellow papabiles. When Karol Wotija was elected John Paul II it was a surprise to the media and the world but not his fellow cardinals, among whom he was a man to watch.

My own picks (based on no more or less knowledge than the talking heads on cable) -

The Pope will Probably Be: One of the 2 German speakers (Ratzinger if they go old, Schonborn if they go young), one of the Italians or one of the South Americans.

If I was Picking the Pope He Would Be:
Charles Chaput of Denver (oops, he's not a Cardinal - darn it) OK then, George Pell of Sydney - a strong outspoken shepherd and a brilliant mind (much like John Paul) who would drive the media crazy (he's already loathed by the MSM Down Under - imagine if he became the Vicar of Christ!)

The Pope will Definitely NOT Be: Any American cardinal, who with the exception of Cardinal George of Chicago, are a bunch of the most mediocre and appeasing clerics you'll ever find. I wouldn't trust them with my lunch money let alone the keys of the kingdom. Especially Egan and Mahoney. Oh, for the days of Cardinal John O'Connor - what a pope he would have made!

The Pope that Would Make the Media's Head Explode: Cardinal Bernard Law. No, I don't want to see it happen ... but just imagine. The folks at the Boston Globe who thought they had his head on their wall would be in a total meltdown. I can't imagine how the Boston reporters covering the conclave must be feeling already knowing that even though they had vanquished him, he's on the inside of the biggest current story in the world and they're on the outside looking in. If I didn't hold Cardinal Law and his cronies in such disdain it would be amusing,

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  1. Gothamimage |

    Prediction- Next Pope will be old, the church is unsure about what direction it wants to move and they want to stay in a hold pattern, if you will, till they see a more clear path.

  2. Jack B. |

    Then I think Ratzinger would be a perfect choice. He's one of the few I can actually see as pope.


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