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Written on 11:27 PM by Jack B.

Of course you have Against the Grain by the folks behind the Ratzinger Fan Club

Then we have The Pope Blog which is still in business into the new pontificate.

Romanitas which succeeds the Papabile blog (now that the conclave is over of course)

B-16 Reporting on the Pontificate of Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI edited by Michael S. Rose of Crux News which also has posted one of my new favorite quotes (in a humorous way)- in this story by the NY Times (who else?) called For America's Divided Roman Catholics, a New Disagreement (registration required - use bugmenot.com). Here's the passage with the money quote:

R. Scott Appleby, a historian on American Catholicism at the University of Notre Dame, said many Catholics were dismayed, stunned and depressed at the selection of Cardinal Ratzinger.

"This is their worst nightmare come true," said Professor Appleby, who predicted that the selection could lead to a "winnowing" of the American church.

Boo Hoo, Mr. Appebly (who you may remember was one of the laity invited to speak at the USCCB meeting in Dallas about the sex abuse scandal). I weep for you and your "many Catholics" - NOT!

Until the election of Benedict XVI I hadn't quite realized the resentment about the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church that were out there (well I knew there was in the Mainstream Media but I didn't think they would be so blatant about it) even among some so-called Catholics. They were really biding their time until JP2 died I guess and now that they didn't get what they wanted they're whining like a bunch of babies (except at least actual babies have the excuse of being infants).

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  1. Karen |

    I am finding that I also had not realized how angry *I* am about the fact that these people consider me some kind of wacko because I actually believe what is taught by the religion I belong to.


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