Haiku #7 - For Terri Shiavo


Written on 10:20 AM by Jack B.

Her name was Terri
Her crime was being alive
So they had her killed

By prone starvation
Was Terri done in, but her
Pure soul journeys on

Left us far too soon
Put to death in evil ways
Loved ones left mourning

When I was younger
I imagined my country
Was better than this

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  1. Steven |

    Dear JB3,

    Thank you. In response to the last. It still is--because there are people like you and others in it willing to decry these horrors and work to end them. How sad that so many accept them as policy. We have a marvelous opportunity to reform hearts and minds. It is too late for Terri, let us work so that it is not too late for many others in a similar state.

    But thank you for the poetry.




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