The Worst Thing About the Conclave...


Written on 10:10 AM by Jack B. that because of the differences between the New York City and Rome time zones, by the time the white smoke finally does appear I won't be there to watch since it will be in the during my working hours. Sure they'll replay the moment a zillion more times later on but there still won't be the feeling of immediacy or suspense. By the time I get home who the next pope will be will be all over the place. They'll be no surprise when I do see whoever it is coming out on the balcony.

There's something about watching it live and being part of history that gets missed when watching tape of it. Yesterday, on my day off, I kept the TV going all morning and all afternoon (even when I was busy doing something else) just to see some smoke coming out of the old stove pipe, even though I knew it was highly unlikely that anyone would get elected on the first ballot. I felt compelled to watch it nonetheless. But since Rome time is different than my time I don't think I'm going to get another chance.

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