This Guy Didn't Get The Memo...


Written on 9:10 PM by Jack B.

The new pope won’t close the U.S. Catholic cafeteria, a column by Jack Crowe, which starts out:

"I am a cafeteria Catholic. Married priests: yes. Women priests: yes. Contraception: yes. Gay marriage/civil union: yes. Abortion? Although I am personally against it, like former President Bill Clinton, I think it should be safe, legal and rare.

You see, I am one of those "relativists" who then-Cardinal Ratzinger—now Pope Benedict XVI—condemned during his pre-conclave homily. Let me give you an example. The Catholic Church is against the use of condoms because it interferes with procreation. But condoms can prevent millions of people from contracting AIDS in Africa. It is a no-brainer that the relative benefits of stopping AIDS outweigh the Church’s admonition against contraception. So call me a relativist."

You know what they say about ostriches with their heads in the sand? Well, I guess here's another one.

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