Accepted Wisdom Part 2


Written on 3:38 PM by Jack B.

To those who remember this post I wrote about the accepted wisdom in media circles that(despite no solid evidence to back it up) the Catholic Church's position against condoms is single-handily responsible for millions of AID-related deaths in Africa and elsewhere. Well here is more on that meme, from someone who should know better than to spread "false witness" against their brothers - the Outgoing Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

Here's the story: Outgoing Moderator says Catholic Church position on contraception damages fight against AIDS

Excerpt :

The outgoing Moderator of the Church of Scotland says the Catholic Church's
position on contraception damages the fight against AIDS in Africa. Dr Alison
Elliot told Scotland Today that the Vatican is being judgmental, and believes
the new Pope has to act. But the Catholic Church hit back, insisting condoms do
more harm than good.

One month on from his election, and much attention remains on Pope Benedict XVI to see what, if any changes, there will be on the big issues facing the Catholic Church. Human embryo research, married priests and perhaps biggest of all contraception - particularly in parts of the world like Africa, where the grim reality of AIDS is a part of everyday life.

Now, as she prepares to leave her position as Moderator of the Church of Scotland, Alison Elliot has entered the debate, suggesting the Catholic ban on condoms is adding to the problem.
She said: "I think the hanging onto a very strict and
traditional line is damaging more in terms of the sign it gives out that there are things that you mustn't do, there are prohibitions and the resistance to moving on the question of condoms is I think something which is contributing to that kind of inhibiting culture."

Many regard Pope Benedict XVI as an arch conservative who will, if anything, stick even more closely to traditional doctrine than his predecessor. Catholic Church spokesman Peter Kearney said: "There isn't any evidence to suggest change in any case would make any difference or improve things for the people who have AIDS or who might contract it."

I noticed the reporter couldn't resist labeling the Pope once again as an "arch-conservative" - it's like that phrase is part of the papal title now. I highlighted in bold the words of the Outgoing Leader/Moderator of the CofS and couldn't believe her gall. Considering the prejudice, bigotry and outright violence (just ask some of the Highland clans who stuck to their their Catholicism) of the successors of John Knox in the Established Church of Scotland - a prejudice to some like composer James McMillan still persists in Scottish society- one would think she would be more prudent in telling another faith what it should or should not do.
Besides, last time I checked the Catholic Church worldwide is responsible for more than 25% of all AIDs care world-wide (according to John Allen of NCReporter) while I extremely doubt that the Church of Scotland comes even close to such efforts or that it would even exist today if wasn't the constitutionally state-supported Established Church. But we mustn't let facts get in the way of the accepted wisdom, can we?

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