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Written on 10:38 PM by Jack B.

Euro-MP calls on Catholic church to change teaching


Millions of lives could be saved if the election of the new Pope heralds a change in the doctrine of the Catholic Church, local Euro-MP Chris Davies said this week...

...Mr Davies said this week that by revising church views towards contraception, a new Pope could do much to halt the spread of the disease.
The MEP argues that, while the Catholic Church does great humanitarian work in Africa and Latin America, it is exploiting ignorance and promoting a myth that allows a deadly infection to spread.

He said: "The election of a new Pope creates the opportunity to change church doctrine, just as has happened many times in the past. After all, it was once heretical to claim that the earth went around the sun.
"Whatever the theologians might say, in practice, millions of churchgoers refused to follow the rulings of Pope John Paul II on contraception.
"Catholic countries such as Spain and Italy now have the lowest birth rates in Europe."

Yeah, it only he would change that pesky doctrine. Maybe papal primacy too while he's at it - look at how many problems thats caused.

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