Another Misleading Headline from the NY Times


Written on 11:13 PM by Jack B.

Peru's Catholics Brace for Fissures in Their Church

The NY Times must really be desperate to give the Catholic Church bad press. This is basically a non-story on how the conservatives have come out on top over the leftist Liberation Theology gang in Peru and now the same Liberation Theology type quashed by Pope JP2 are crying to the Times with the election of B16. if you read the article carefully (use if you don't want to register) there doesn't actually seem to be any "fissures" in the Church. There is no dissent like there is in America and Europe, the leftist clerics are basically defeated there and have been in a state of retreat.

More than anything it seems like another excuse to go after the anti-catholics new bogeyman, (as the Jesuits once were) Opus Dei and its rise to "power", and the Opus Dei Cardinal of Lima, Juan Luis Cipriani, who does indeed have real enemies who will resort to forgery as this as this report by John Allen in the uber-liberal NCR made clear.

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