Anonymity Part 2


Written on 5:04 PM by Jack B.

Maybe all I needed was a push because I certainly have been leaing in that direction for days now but Jamie's comments down below solidified my belief to be more open. you can see under my profile my actual name (Jack Bennett) has replaced my initials (JB3). So there I am, revealed to the world (shock, horror) If in the 10000-to-1 chance you happen to come across this blog and you know this Jack Bennett as your Jack Bennett, I just plead you "don't ask, don't tell". I'll be more at ease that way. Otherwise, I feel better already. At least everything I write will have my name on it now (something satisfying in that).

I'm still concerned about internet privacy though - the idea that Google will keep track of all my searches unnerves me, and the possibility the government might have the abilty to know every page I visit does as well. It's like there's someone watching me while I type. Which has nothing to do with my blog since Big Brother would be able to do that no matter what name I use.

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  1. Earl |

    Would it unnerve you still more if I asked you to send me your e-mail address offline so I may write you without abusing your comment boxes.

    In any event, I've added a link to Idle Mendacity on Times Against Humanity.

    It's the least one Yankees fan can do for another. ;-)



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