Make that 8 in a Row!!!!!


Written on 3:07 AM by Jack B.

The Yankees have now won eight games in a row and have climbed back to .500 (of course having said that they'll probably lose their next game but still...) I'm a little more hopeful now that the Yanks will make a run at it and even make the playoffs (I don't believe the Orioles will stay in first all season) but the flaws are still there - lack of young talent on the farm, bloated contracts no other team will take on and aging players especially on the pitching staff. The Yanks are one injury away from going downhill again - but I'm still willing to enjoy this mini-run while it lasts.

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  1. John Burzynski |

    yes, as a fellow Yankees fan, I am having a bit of fun with the cub fans around here that were giving me hell for the Yankees performance.


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