Blogs are like life - they are born and then they die...


Written on 11:04 PM by Jack B.

Just as dozens of blogs spring up,SoDakmonk and Romanitas have closed up shop. I don't know their reasons but I must admit sometimes I've been tempted to stop myself. Largely because I haven't been able to set out what I wanted when I began - which was to post a little something every day. It just seems like I can't find the time during most days and when I can find the time I spend entirely too much time on this thing. So while I have been able to write my blog I haven't been able to get any other writing done (except school work, of course) which makes me sad.

But on the other hand I actually am enjoying getting my thoughts (as rare as they are) out there into the blogosphere where people may or not read them. For me that's not the point. Actually just letting it out is a kind of cleansing, clearing away my brain for other thoughts. Kinda like clearing out a warehouse of needless junk you've clung on to way too long. So in a way its therapeutic.

Like I said I can see both sides.

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  1. Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve |

    Hi JB,
    I saw your comment on my blog so I came over to check out yours. It looks pretty good! Your comment about St. Bernadette is really true. I think I heard the same tape of Fr. Groeschel, at least I remember him saying that Bernadette was the greatest witness because she never changed her story. She saw what she saw, and that's all she ever said.


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