I REALLY hate the Blosox


Written on 1:48 AM by Jack B.

Yes, I know hatred is a sin or whatever but I'm sure Boston fans feel the same about the Yankees. It's something deep and dark within the heart of every real Pinstripe fan (as opposed to those who jump on the bandwagon during playoff time). Losing to the Marlins in the World Series, didn't faze me. The game 7 ninth-inning loss to Arizona, I dismissed as "one of those things". Losing to the Mutts in Queens? I don't lose sleep over it. But the Red Sox? I cringe at every at-bat. It wasn't so bad before last year where when push comes to shove the Red Sox lost. But now is a different story. Now I want vengeance. Now I want the Yankees to revenge themselves on the greatest choke in baseball history and prove they are the real champs...

...and what do they do? They get their brains clobbered on Saturday and then lose again last night. To Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky or Yaz I could take but Johnny Damon? Kevin Millar? Bronson Arroyo? Edgar Renteria? This is just shameful. I feel ashamed of the Yankees. And of course I blame the pitching - outside of Mariano River I have absolutely no confidence in anyone in that bullpen (100 year-old Buddy Groom, anyone?) and I could tell early on that Pavano and Mussina didn't have it. Saturday I turned it off when it was when it was only something like 6 or so 7 to 1 so I missed most of the carnage, on Sunday I had hopes that Wells would be as hittable as Mussina was but those hopes proved to dashed now too. This is just bad - the Yankees were playing great ball going into the series, the Red Sox were playing horribly and they still couldn't get their act together. It's like last year's "Big Choke" has reversed the Curse on the Yankees and they won't get their honor back unless they
a) decisively beat the Red Sox in the playoffs or b) or win the World Series before Boston does (hopefully another 86 years). I don't like feeling hatred for any of God's creatures, so I can only hope and pray that the Yankees get their act together so I can go pack to feeling pity for Boston fans instead of a simmering resentment of all things Red Sock.

Edited to add: I know there are a lot of Red Sox fans out there in Blog-dom who may take offense at this but please don't. Outside the baseball lines I love everyone since we are all creations of The Big G-O-D Upstairs, even if during gametimes I tend to think your team may be in league with this guy.

Just a personal opinion of course.

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