Anyone who dislikes Bill Murray must be mad...


Written on 10:52 AM by Jack B.

Saint Dymphna
You are Saint Dymphna, The Patron Saint of Insanity
and Psychiatrists. She was born Dymphna of
Ireland, but she overcame this and many other
hardships to become the influential Saint she
is today. Dymphna rejected the sexual advances
of her father, who then had her committed
against her will to a succession of mental
wards. Her time in these mental wards was
recorded in a best-selling biography,
Catholic, Interrupted. Infuriated at
his portrayal in his daughter's widely read
book, Dymphna's father was driven insane by
rage at the choice of Bill Murray to play him
in the movie adaptation, and clubbed his
daughter to death in her apartment in the
Pacific Palisades.

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  1. ~pen~ |

    was this a joke (really?)

    st. dymphna was a saint back in the 13th century.

    or am i being blonde by even thinking for a minute this was true...

  2. Jack B. |

    I think it's supposed to be a joke. But then I find it pretty funny.


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